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How to Spot Fake Perfume

As we have mentioned time and again, we are only selling original items, unless we specifically said otherwise. 

We do understand your concern though because there are plenty of people selling "supposedly original" perfumes online and it is hard to tell the difference. There are ways for you to tell the diferrence.

The obvious ones, it must have a box and wrapped in cellophane wrap. If it says unbox, it means it is not original. The cellophane must not be too loose with no excess of glue.

If it is properly boxed, checked if the code underneath the barcode on the box similar to the ones on the bottle. This code tells from which country it is from and for what country it can be sold to. 

Last but not least, if it is too cheap, normally it is not original. Especially if it is selling at a discount of 50% or more. The cost price normally is around 70% of the retail price.

Anyway, we are no experts but we do not sale fake items. You can read more on the internet on how to spot a fake perfume but we like this one appended below. I have not asked for permission, so any credit should be given back to the original author.


At the present time when the piracy is increasing day by day it is recommended to take these points into consideration while buying a perfume, which will help you to recognize the authenticity of any perfume.

1. The performers should be in the original box, it has become very easy to verify it through the Internet, simply put the name of the perfume into any Internet search engine and you can easily see the packaging and box of that perfume.

2. Most perfumes have cellophane paper around the box but it is not necessary that everyone has it; it all depends on the house designer. Cellophane is not a seal guaranteeing the authenticity of the perfume.

3. The cellophane should not be glued to the box and the box should have thin cellophane, mostly pirated perfumes have thick cellophane.

4. Most of the time the code engraved on the perfume bottle and the code on the box should be same.

5. If a bit of a perfume is being sprayed on a piece of paper than its smell should last for more than 24 hours.

6. The spray bottle should be in perfect condition and should not leak, as this indicate that the product was adulterated.

7. Upon shaking the bottle the bubbles that are made by the movement should disappear in a span of approximately 10 seconds, after it is shaken, if not, there is a possibility that it is pirated.

8. When you shake the bottle it should not submit any junk, dirt or any other foreign substance. It should only contain liquid.

Keep in mind that the perfume can be smelled different from department store, when you smell it in your home, because the environments are different and they influence the flavor, in addition each perfume develops its own aroma after some time.

The level of acidity of the skin, body fat, smoking habits and consumption of drugs can affect transpiration and hence affects the fragrance of perfume.

It is advisable that perfume should be closed properly and should be kept in a cool, dry place away from direct light.

We ask you to destroy containers and boxes of the perfumes after use, as they are the main source of raw material for the pirates who often can make a pirated perfume look original.